2018 Round up and glimpse forward

This time last year we were nervously preparing to press the GO button on our new brewery, last Christmas was spent rebuilding the brewery ceiling and clearing out old stuff ahead of the works. Fast forward a year and we’ve moved along at a great pace, a year of hard work and adventure. A HUGE THANKS to all the considerable support and to everyone who drinks and buys our beer.

2018 we scrambled to finish the brewery and now have four beers at the Systembolaget, three of which you can order to your local SB over all Sweden. We’ve managed to harvest more hops for our Levide Pils. Done more festivals than ever before. Hosted beer tastings of our own throughout the summer and generally put our plan to the road.

2019 now that we have a good platform under our feet, we look forward to spend more time tuning and developing our beers, more hops, new beer releases, more summer happenings at the brewery and festivals. As all this depends on you guys out there let us know if there is something you want to see more of. All the best to you all in 2019.

Breakfast Stout orderable at all SB Stores and pouring at STLHM Beer & Whiskey Festival

Super happy to share the below. We first released our Breakfast Stout a year ago, now its back on the shelves on Gotland but now available for order at all SB stores in Sweden from the 1st October 2018. Find out more about our Stout brewed with Malt, Wheat, Oats and Kränku Kaffi via the image link below. We will follow this up in the coming months by making more of our beers available for order.

We will also be show casing this beer with others at the Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival. Again more info on the link, Check it, please share :)

New Brewery Running

Well its done, or at least mostly finished... We have now brewed and delivered beer from the new brewery a few times. It feels good and less stressful now that its running. Now to hit the brewery routine for the summer.  Our Levide Pils has been really well received and now all our 2017 hops are used. So the next batch will come after the summer with the new harvest. In the near future for 2nd July release we will have Alskute IPA released through the Gotland SB stores.   More things to come in the beer pipe line, including making our beer available for order NATIONWIDE through the Systembolaget after the summer, and beer tastings for the summer on our hop deck.  Where did the time go,  in December 2017 I started to work in the dark on the tractor garage  this weeks its Midsummer, Have a rocking summer !


Brewery Build Update Mid March 18

So I was thinking I would have plenty of time to write a short update here and there over the last 6 weeks....  Well this is the second instalment.  Big stuff we have done since the first post. Added new drainage and filtration, and water feed pipe in,  doors, heating, insulation, electrical cabling, and now to look after the beer in the best possible way after bottling a cold room.  Now I am not standing in muddy trenches or crawling through roof spaces I can soon concentrate on brewing beer again.  All this as been done with snow, some days at -9, really great job from our local contractors.  A few details remain and a good clean up and we are ready to go ! 


Brewery out of the Basement into the future !

During 2017 and even before it was clear that if we wanted to develop the brewery properly and give it and ourselves a good chance of success we would have to move out from our basement, which is where we have done all our brewing until now. We are only moving as far as the tractor garage. But it will provide a much better and bigger space for everything.  This week among a lot of other things we poured a new concrete floor, the written plan of which started about 6 months ago. So its exciting times, so far all is going well, but there is a lot to do before we have the new brewery rolling.  This is the bricks and building part, we are also working away at the our beers and ideas to make the most of this investment of time and money into something that we can be really happy with in the future. Here are some photos of works in progress. I will post some more updates as things progress ! 

Good Bye 2016, welcome 2017, thanks for the support all the best for 2017

Good Bye 2016, welcome 2017. A busy year for us, thanks for all the support. We have been quietly working away this Autumn but see an interesting and full 2017 ahead at Alskute Farm & Brewery.  Below captures a few highlights, events, great collaboration, new lovely labels, private import, technology, hop harvest and gotland grown hop series beers all of which we aim to build on starting with the beer   Cheers Bruce