Rogue Dricke kicks off Gotland Hops Series Beers

For the first time we are releasing beer made with our home grown hops, Rogue Dricke our interpretation of Gotlands Dricke using all Gotland ingridients and adding yeast from San Diego. Very small batch now available at Amarillo Visby.   This will be the first beer in the series, we have added a page on our web site to introduce these beers and describe more about our own hops and the beers they will feature in.

God Jul ! 



Beer List Week 44 at Amarillo Visby and Wisby Strand Beer Fest 31st Oct, See you in town !

TAP Take over week 44 Amarillo Visby

Beer Coming to Wisby Strand Beer Festival 31st Oct Tap and Bottle

Picking HUMLE at Alskute

We have been busy here, making a hop dryer, a prototype hop sauna (greenhouse) for Cascade hops and this week stating to pick Saaz Hops,  The Saaz are already vacuum bagged next will be the Northdown english hops and then Alskute home variety. Hops are looking good, some photos of different hops around the hop yard and a photo from the home made hop green house which is now covering our 3 year cascade plants in an effort to see if they can mature with a little help.  Once the picking and drying is done, time to put together some Beer recipes for Alskute grown HOPS SERIES BEERs

Good eating from around the farm

Its the end of July and in between looking after hops and beer, we are collecting, growing some veggies, fruit and berries, Good Eating