Hops have been growing here at Alskute since as early as 1734.  We hope to extend the hop growing with more varieties and greater quantities over the coming years. Our goal is to produce hops for our own beer production, but also to make it available to other small breweries on Gotland, Home Brewers and further afield.  

Analysis of the local Alskute Hop shows that it originated in Germany, likely in the 1800s, we know its catalog name and the make up of its oil compounds from detailed analysis completed in the UK. We continue to delve further into its history and in the mean time have started to brew small batches of beer with it.

2015 was our third growing season for some of our hop varities, many of which are new to Gotland. We look forward to seeing their brewing potential. We have released two beers Rogue Dricke and Svart Island with others in the planning in our Gotland Hop Series Beers, Updates during the growing season will be provided through our Blog and via Twitter.

Alskute                           Hops identified as R3/27 likely from Hersbruck, Germany.

UK Cascade                   Originally  bred in Orgeon, USA in the 70s, very popular in craft beer.

Yeoman                          High Alpha Bittering Hop from the UK Wye College.

North down                    Dual Purpose Hop developed from the UK Wye college. 

 Saaz                               Classic Noble Hop from Czech Republic.

Magnum                          Bittering Hop from Germany, developed at Huel.

Fuggle                            Seedling from UK discovered by Richard Fuggle.

Kent Goldings                Classic English Hop developed in the UK.

Early Bird                        Early Maturing, developed at Wye College UK.

Chinook                        Developed in the US, high Alpha Hop.

Galena                           Developed in the US, bittering Hop.