Brewery out of the Basement into the future !

During 2017 and even before it was clear that if we wanted to develop the brewery properly and give it and ourselves a good chance of success we would have to move out from our basement, which is where we have done all our brewing until now. We are only moving as far as the tractor garage. But it will provide a much better and bigger space for everything.  This week among a lot of other things we poured a new concrete floor, the written plan of which started about 6 months ago. So its exciting times, so far all is going well, but there is a lot to do before we have the new brewery rolling.  This is the bricks and building part, we are also working away at the our beers and ideas to make the most of this investment of time and money into something that we can be really happy with in the future. Here are some photos of works in progress. I will post some more updates as things progress ! 

bruce toddComment