2018 Round up and glimpse forward

This time last year we were nervously preparing to press the GO button on our new brewery, last Christmas was spent rebuilding the brewery ceiling and clearing out old stuff ahead of the works. Fast forward a year and we’ve moved along at a great pace, a year of hard work and adventure. A HUGE THANKS to all the considerable support and to everyone who drinks and buys our beer.

2018 we scrambled to finish the brewery and now have four beers at the Systembolaget, three of which you can order to your local SB over all Sweden. We’ve managed to harvest more hops for our Levide Pils. Done more festivals than ever before. Hosted beer tastings of our own throughout the summer and generally put our plan to the road.

2019 now that we have a good platform under our feet, we look forward to spend more time tuning and developing our beers, more hops, new beer releases, more summer happenings at the brewery and festivals. As all this depends on you guys out there let us know if there is something you want to see more of. All the best to you all in 2019.

bruce toddComment