Cosmic Vow of Silence

Cosmic VOS Still.jpg

Hi we are in the middle of Summer with 2 very new different beers. Both types we really love and will brew more of. We decided to play one off against the other. Cosmic Noise is a New England Style IPA named after background radiation / noise that was discovered in 1964. The noise is left over from the creation of the universe, on old analogue TV sets a small part of that static is from the big bang ! this discovery supports the big bang theory. Space is unimaginably large and expanding, but as the label says its from science we understand our world.

Vow of Silence is named to indicated the roots of this beer from Belgian Monastic brewing. Its a quadruple malty, rich and like a boozy christmas cake. Monks use silence to concentrate their minds on higher matters. Science is reaching out to the edge of space but we need faith on a daily basis, even faith in science !

Come and meet us at the Brewery or HopShed Beer Fest 13th July and give them a try ! Cheers !

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