About us and Alskute

Alskute was a dairy farm and has been in the family for many generations. The Brewery is surrounded by fields and forest.

We moved back to Gotland in 2012 with our young family.  Hops and beer ( Dricke) have been a part of the life here on the farm for a long time. Records show that hops have been grown on this site for many generations - for the farms own ‘Gotlands Dricke’ since as early as 1734!

Before moving back to Gotland we were home brewers, with completely different careers.  We created our logo for the brewery after deciding we wanted to grow hops as well as brew beer.  When the dairy was still here the cows had to be marked, the same mark the cows ears used to have to show them as belonging to Alskute you now see in our logo.